Wow, 40 – That’s Really Old to Oh Crap Wait I’m 40

While I was waiting to get my second round of prescriptions at the pharmacy, I spotted a sign that they require identification from anyone under 40. My first reaction was: wow, that’s super old. And then a split second later, I had the stark realization that waitaminute, I’m 40 years old.

Not the greatest moment to have one of those realizations. Standing in line, waiting for medication due to the fact that your body is apparently breaking down in several places at once.

I turned 40 this year, and I’ve mostly ignored it. There were some small celebrations, but I’ve mostly pushed this large number out of my normal, day to day view – but it tends to pop up every once in a while, when I least expect it.

For the record, they did not card me. Though I hope it’s due to negligence, and not due to me looking my age.

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