Oh My Word, Oh My Zsh

Lately, I’ve slowly been spending more time with the command line. A long time ago, I installed iTerm 2 (a much better replacement for the default Terminal application for Macs). I messed around a bit with color settings (I’m a big fan of Solarized Dark).

But honestly? Beyond that, I didn’t really know what else to do on the command line. So I kind of forgot all about it.

At work, I recently got introduced to a project that was pretty challenging. It involves Stylus, Jade, Angular, and Brunch (which was just recently replaced with Gulp). Though I haven’t really dug into the project much yet, a lot of the initial work has been in setting up the environment. I’ve been getting a lot of practice with the command line.

It’s a daunting project to me, as there’s an awful lot I have to learn before I can really feel that helpful/effective. But it’s also an exciting project to be on, as there’s an awful lot to learn.

Earlier today, I saw a really neat article called Badassify Your Terminal and Shell, by Jilles Soeters. It’s a great walk-through, and I’m finding myself geeking out and looking at the command line in a whole new way. There’s a ton I don’t understand, but I’m having a lot of fun exploring and checking things out.

I’m still pretty new to Git, and this is yet another area I’m getting some exposure to at work. I’m using SourceTree to handle things for my work project, but at home I’m trying to get some time in working with just the command line.

I seem to go back and forth a lot, in terms of all the things I have yet to understand and learn. Some days (like today), I love geeking out and tinkering. But there are plenty of other days where it all seems a little overwhelming.

Right now, I’m enjoying loading up random themes. It’s reminding me of when I first got a computer and lost hours just looking for different desktop images. Nothing super productive, but just kind of checking things out.

It’s all still baby steps for me, and I’m going down a rabbit hole a little here with Oh My Zsh… but in a good way. I’m not necessarily concerned about where I’m going or where I’ll end up. I’m just having fun getting my hands a little dirty. I’m hoping this exploring stays fun, and that I’ll learn a thing or two along the way.

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  1. Yay! I’m kind of an iTerm / zsh junkie, so let me know if you want to compare notes.

    Check out the git plugin for zsh for sure, lots of shortcuts and goodness there… checkout all the plugins, for that matter. :)

    Meagan Reply

    • Still getting my bearings with git, but looking forward to hanging out in iTerm a bit more. I’m definitely interested in comparing notes in the future!

      avoision Reply

    • That is pretty dang nerdy. Although it seems that Sherlock and technology go well together.

      Me, I’m still miffed that someone’s been sitting on @TheWhipHand since 2012 and has been doing nothing with the account.

      avoision Reply

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