Chester Chickie, by Elizabeth Holder

On Saturday, I swung down to Frankfort to help Bob with some odds and ends. We had a number of air conditioner units to relocate, a number of things to unload from his truck, and some re-organization to do in the garage. There was also a closet on the second floor that needed to get cleared out a bit.

There, among the piles of books, Bob discovered two original stories: one by Liz, and another by Tricia. Both of them were written when they were very young.

Without further ado, here’s Liz’s story: Chester Chickie. I believe Julie did the handwriting, but Liz did all the illustrations. This was done, according to Julie, back when Liz was in Kindergarten (and it won some kind of an award).

According to Liz, this was a true story as her family often served as a foster home for small animals, for a brief period of time. So consider this a work of non-fiction, and an early personal essay.

Chester Chickie, by Elizabeth Holder.

Chester Chickie

This is Chester. She is my pet chickie.

Run-Run is my sisters pet chicken. Jamie, our dog watches the chicks run around our back yard.

I dig up worms to feed Chester. I think that will be enough worms for you today.

We took Chester and Run-Run back to the farm. I was sad because I wanted them to stay. The farm is her home now.

// Edit: If you’re curious to see the book that Tricia wrote, you can read The Raindrop Who Wanted to Be a Snowflake.
David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” Illustrated As A Children’s Book
Axe Cop: Hysterical Comic Written by a 5 Year Old, Illustrated by His 29 Year Old Brother

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