Framed (Noir Puzzle Game): Change the Order, Change the Outcome

is a game I’ve been anticipating for… oh, over a year now? I first heard about this game back in May of last year, and the concept video was just stellar.

For those of us who grew up with Choose Your Own Adventure books, this video game is a natural extension of choices and outcomes. Structured similarly to a comic book, panels are laid out with a fixed starting and end point.

The default panel layout results in the main character being thwarted in some way, so your job is to re-arrange the panels to create a different story – allowing the main character to escape, or move around people and obstacles.

It’s been great to watch the game devs on Twitter, and to see that the game has done well at various expos/festivals. But also very frustrating, in that it seemed like everyone else was getting to play this game but me. There was a lot of Shut up and take my money going on.

The game was released at midnight, and one of the first things I did this morning was download the guy. It’s exciting to have the game officially available, and after just a few levels… it feels and plays exactly like I thought it would.

Of course, I think the experience is markedly better on a larger screen (tablet/iPad), but it appears that the game is also made for a mobile phone as well. At $4.99, it’s pricey for an iOS app – but this is one of those rare games that’s worth the price.

Framed: Panel-Shifting Game Where Different Configurations Result in Different Outcomes
Framed: Official Trailer for Panel-Shifting Game

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