Revisiting D/Vision

On Friday, Liz and I headed North to Ukranian Village and visited D/Vision Optical to get an eye exam, and to get some new glasses.

After looking over old blog posts, it’s stunning to me that I first started coming here nearly 9 years ago. How has that much time passed by?

Liz, getting some additional info on her new glasses (that’s then, on the counter there).

Liz used to live fairly close to here, just a few blocks West. As we were walking to the store from the Blue Line stop, the two of us were marveling at how much things had changed along Division.

There were a few staples that we were glad to see still around. But there were also entirely new buildings and businesses that made the landscape look foreign. It’d been a little while since I’d even been in the area (the last time was with Justin, when we hopped around to some old haunts).

It was an interesting mixture of old and new. We came back to D/Vision because this was our place to go for eye exams and glasses. It was familiar. But to walk down Division street for the first time in ages, it was a wide mixture of old and new. Reminders of a life from a decade ago, along with new signs and shops that looked a little foreign. Kind of like remembering a new place.

It was something to see.

New Glasses: D/Vision Optical, Ukranian Village
D/Vision, Ukranian Village
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