Julie’s Basement Plant Room

Over the weekend, we were in Frankfort to visit with Bob during his recovery. Since we were headed there, Liz ended up bringing along some of her house plants, to keep in the basement (where Julie has many of her plants housed, during the winter).

While the basement has always been a winter greenhouse, it’s definitely grown in the past few years. Bob’s got the area set up so that there are multiple, adjustable shelves – and it’s amazing what all can be packed into this small space.

Tiny cacti.

Detail view. This is what a cactus looks like in the early stages, when they’re young an innocent. So much better than the teen years, when they grow surly and just want everyone to keep their distance.

More rows, with lights for each row. If I was a plant, this is definitely where I’d want to spend my winter.

A full view of the room. Who needs a tropical vacation, when you can just pop down into the basement?

Julie Beeson’s Annual Plant Sale, 2014 – Frankfort, IL
Working in Julie’s Plant Room
Julie Beeson’s Annual Plant Sale – Frankfort, IL (2013)
PC Troubleshooting in Frankfort

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