Strange Banner, 55th and Lake Park Avenue

This morning, on the way in to work, Liz noticed a small banner that was knocking about in the breeze. I had seen this the other night, but on closer inspection I realized that the thing was actually upside down.

I think it was meant to be standing up, above the concrete wall… but had fallen over.

At a distance, it looked like it might have been embroidery. But getting closer, it appeared to be a lot of markers. I was really quite baffled as to what this could be or mean.

Here’s the other edge of the banner. A lot of symbols. Is it a map of some kind? Code?

Because it really did seem that the banner had flipped over, I decided to flip the image around a bit. Surprisingly, I was able to make out one word: Monsignor.

Doesn’t really help. Still not sure what this is all about.

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