The Wolf Among Us: The World of Fables in a Video Game

Wow, it’s hard to believe that I heard about this game over a year ago. I’ve long been a fan of the Fables series, and seeing a video game come out with some of my favorite characters made me a little… nervous.

In my opinion, there were a lot of ways this could have gone wrong. But having seen what TellTale Games has done with The Walking Dead, I felt a little more assured that the world of Fables was in capable hands.

For most of today, I’ve putzed around on the computer and played a lot of this game. And I have to say… it’s excellent. I’m still not sure how well it would play for those not already familiar with the Fables storyline – but for me, it’s really fantastic. Just being able to walk around the Woodlands Business Office was exciting, in and of itself.

For those who know and love Fables, you should really check out this game.

Ben – I’m looking in your direction…

The Wolf Among Us: Video Game Based On the Fables Comic Book by Bill Willingham
Telltale Games: The Walking Dead Game, Season 1

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  1. I’m a few graphic novels behind current on the series but SNOW + BIGBY 4EVA!!! I will definitely have to check this out.

    Meagan Reply

    • It’s fun to step foot in the Fables world. I think their “Walking Dead” game is stronger, but that particular world has a kind of persistent stress built into it.

      Wish I could unpack all my books, and dig out my Fables collections. Would be fun to re-read that right about now. The first two volumes were snoozers for me, but after that… MAN oh man does it get so much better.

      Finding myself trying not to play the game and actually get stuff done at home. A good sign, I guess.

      avoision Reply

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