Helping with the Advent Display at St. Elizabeth Seton Church

After work, I headed down to Frankfort to help Bob move a few things. Originally, I was to help him deliver a custom advent display he created for Saint Elizabeth Seton Church – but by the time I arrived, he had already gotten someone to help transport the display inside.

On walking in, I spotted Bob on the ground, helping out with the setup. It’s been a few weeks since his surgery, and it was great to see Bob moving around so much and back on his feet.

I also met up with Claudia and Aunt Darlene, who were also helping with the setup. While I was expecting to help transport heavy things around… I ended up ironing fabric instead.

Bob, showing how to loosen and tighten each panel. Note that the display is also on casters, making it really easy to move around.

Bob and Darlene, deeply immersed in the work.

Fun action shot of various stages of setup.

Ultimately, the display was meant to showcase the artwork that community submitted. Each panel was meant to represent one of the four Advent Sundays.

Aunt Darlene, posting up one of the submissions.

Artwork closeup.

Small bit of details along the bottom. I’m not sure if I heard correctly, but I think Bob has another display at home that he plans on delivering next weekend.

Initially, I was expecting to head over to the house in Frankfort to help move some items out of the basement (which I eventually did). But I was surprised and delighted to find myself helping out inside a church, and ironing fabric no less.

A fun little detour I wasn’t expecting. What made things especially nice was that there was a large group of school children, practicing singing while we were working. So we had some lovely music in the background to accompany us, as we set things up.

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