Who Are You?

I’ve asked this before, but now it seems time to ask again: visitor, who are you? I’m guessing most of the people who come across my site are friends and family. People that know me in some capacity or another.

So I’ll direct this question those of you whom I’ve never met in person: how did you come across this website?

Is this your first visit? Were you looking up something else, and happened across this post? Have you been reading for years? I’d love to know, and would greatly appreciate any details you feel comfortable providing.

Whether you come across this page today, a week, or even a year from its original posting… if you find yourself here, I’d love to know how you arrived. If you’re willing to share with me who you are, I’m all ears.

[CC photo via Tom Olliver]

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  1. I found your through Liz’s blog and found many of your posts very interesting, so I stayed! Plus, I love Chicago, so I love seeing what you post about your city.

    Angela W. Reply

  2. I also found your website through Liz’s blog. I particularly enjoy seeing your renovation adventures, and also the computer games/media seem to be to my taste. I’m from New Zealand!

    Angela T Reply

  3. I read zilredloh and found my way to your blog. I read it mostly for the housing updates and to see what you all have done to your new-to-you house. I’m also interested in the bunnies since my husband’s cousin had a house bunny. I have never lived in an urban environment, except for college at Berkeley during the riot years, so that lifestyle is interesting, too.

    Ellen P. Reply

  4. Wow – I had no idea there were so many folks coming over here from Liz’s blog. Very interesting!

    Thank you all for taking time to share a comment. Very much appreciated!

    avoision Reply

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