Meg’s Holiday Party

Saturday night, Liz and I headed over to Meg’s holiday party. On arriving, we found that she had made a ton of amazing gifts for all those attending (knitted hats and custom bags).

In meeting new folks, I got to chat with some really fun people. I met Mena, who used to be part of a bar trivia team with Meg. I told her about Mystery League and learned she was really into crime and detective shows. She brought up Serial, which I’ve been listening to (and I was playing Episode 1 for Liz, on our way over).

I met Ben, who talked with me, Liz, and Michelle about alcohol, and our early days drinking in high school and college. I told him about Purple Passion, and I learned about some type of booze called “Tattoo” – which apparently eats through Dixie cups, and permanently stains wood.

I made a joke with Ben that next year, if we meet at Meg’s 2015 party, he should bring a bottle of that stuff – and I promised to drink it with him.

After a while, I learned that he’s into computers and works with computer security. Then he and I started geeking out pretty hard about InfoSec stuff, and Liz and Michelle politely wandered away.

I also met Meryl who, as it turns out, is from Columbus, OH and went to Muskingum University… where she took a class taught by my friend Meghan (who was in the same MFA program with me, at OSU). Crazy small world!

In the kitchen, chatting. L to R it’s Michelle, Meg, and Liz.

Had some interesting conversations with Michelle and Liz regarding intimacy, sharing information, and that line for friends between “comfortable” and TMI. I definitely feel closer to Michelle now, after our talk. I think all of us walked up to (and crossed over) that line a few times, over the course of the evening.

Knitted Sweaters Photo Shoot at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, with Liz, Megan, and Michelle
Photos From the Hot Chocolate 5K, Chicago

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  1. It was so nice to meet you! What a great party!

    Meryl Reply

    • It was lovely to meet you as well, and I’m bummed we didn’t get to chat more about writing! I’m still awed at how we both discovered we knew Meghan, and had her as a Muskingum connection. Very random, and very coincidental.

      avoision Reply

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