Early Xmas in Atlanta, Day 1

Liz and I got in on Thursday evening, but Friday was a fairly relaxed day. Anne was at work, Liz and Kirt went out to do some last minute shopping, and the kids were away at school. I putzed around on my laptop for a while, and when the kids got home… we played a few rounds of Wii Sports.

This is us, in the midst of a Skee-ball game. Isabelle had held the high score (260), but right as she said “no one will ever beat my score” … Jackson topped her score. But Isabelle had previously entered her name, and Jackson was too quick to hit “enter” and basically signed the score over to Isabelle accidentally.

I did pretty well, and got to put my name on the leaderboard (I was patient enough to type in my own name). But on his next turn, when Jackson got another high score… he was too quick on the draw and entered in my name accidentally. Poor guy couldn’t catch a break.

I have to say – playing Skee-ball with the kids, they’re all arms and power throws. Every ball is a hail Mary attempt to hit the small “100 point” spot in the corner. And I’ll be damned if they don’t hit it more often than one would think. I was clearly the worst player of the bunch, score-wise.

For dinner, the adults headed out for a meal to celebrate Kirt’s birthday. It was a nice chance for everyone to get away from the kids for a bit, and to spend some quiet time hanging out, chatting, and catching up.

Although I really wish I had taken a photo of poor Sebastian’s face. When it dawned on him that Tricia was leaving, his chin dropped about a foot and his frown was just enormous.

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