Early Xmas in Atlanta, Day 2

With us visiting, we ended up doing an early Xmas gift opening on Saturday morning. Jackson and Isabelle were, understandably, quite excited to get started.

Sensing their excitement, Liz suggested to them that they spend their time organizing presents into piles, so that the gift opening process would be faster.

The kids, just before the chaos is about to start. L to R it’s Isabelle, Sebastian, Paige, Audrey, and Jackson.

Actually, everyone was really well behaved. There was excitement, but no one skipped turns and everyone opened gifts in a really orderly manner.

Paige, excited by getting yarn (she’s been very interested in knitting lately).

Sebastian, in a moment of Christmas victory.

Isabelle and Paige, looking over their gifts (Isabelle got some crochet tools).

Darryl, helping Sebastian learn how to play “Simon.”

Liz, helping Isabelle with her crochet.

And also helping Paige with her new yarn. Liz was a busy teacher this Christmas!

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