Early Xmas in Atlanta, Day 3

In the morning, we attended Sunday service at Ikon Community Church, the new church that Darryl and Tricia are “seeding.” It was great to hear Darryl preach, and I found it to be a very refreshing and engaging service. Both Liz and I talked afterwards, and we both could really see the church (and Darryl) becoming quite popular.

After church, we went out for a late brunch. Kirt and the girls ended up playing a really silly game (where they pinched his mouth, and forced him to talk and make farting sounds). They were in absolute stitches for a really long time, and it was hysterical to watch both him and their reactions.

Later, at Tricia and Darryl’s house, we lounged around and watched “Elf” on TV. Liz also worked at helping Paige with her knitted hat project.

Tricia also got into the swing of things, but pulling out an older crochet project that she started (back when she was serving in Afghanistan).

After transitioning to Charlie Brown, this is a moment where the kids were trying to dance like Snoopy. It was as adorable as you’re imagining it would be.

In the evening, we were back at Kirt and Anne’s house and spent the night on the couch, watching “White Christmas” – one of Liz’s favorite movies.

Even though it was a bit late, Jackson and Isabelle stayed up with us and watched for a long while. It was a really nice way to spend the last day of our visit.

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