Early Xmas in Frankfort

After flying back in to Chicago from Atlanta, Liz and I decided we wanted to spend the night in Frankfort. Doing so allowed us to spend more time with Julie and Bob, and also had us at the house when Katie came over with the kids.

In the kitchen, Savannah got some help from the women baking cookies. During this time, I was helping Cameron troubleshoot a weird McAffee issue on his laptop (Dan was at an office party, downtown, and joined us later in the aftenroon).

Ingredients, and some pretzels that have been covered in a great deal of chocolate.

L to R it’s Katie, Liz, Savannah and Julie.

Savannah, handling the decorations.

Around 3PM, Bob and Dan joined us and we all got to opening presents a little early. It was really lovely to have a chance to hang out with the Titus family this year, as we all are moving around a lot to different locations. Around 5PM, we all parted ways (everyone else was headed in to Chicago for a Beeson family celebration, and Liz and I hit the road to trek back to Indianapolis).

Xmas in Frankfort, 2013
Early Christmas in Frankfort, 2012

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