Removing Insulation, Adding Insulation

After our day of slothful decadence yesterday, Liz and I actually got out of bed and did some work around the house. I headed up to the attic, while Liz settled in to work in the basement.

I made some really good progress, and am fairly certain I got almost all the insulation cleaned up up there. I say “fairly certain” because there are a few large planks that still remain, which I use to walk back and forth across the attic. And one of the portable lights broke on me, so I’m down to just one lightbulb up there.

But I was moving things around, and I feel like I got everything I can reach. There’s an area near the front of the house that I’m just leaving be for now – it’ll be something I tackle once we revisit work on the front office ceiling.

All in all, I spent about 3 “This American Life” episodes up there. It’s nice, timing things based on podcasts as I don’t think too much about time when listening.

While I was using the shop vac to pick up all the last bits of the old insulation up there, Liz was down in the basement adding insulation to the walls. She was measuring spots, then cutting up slats of insulation to fit.

Not a fun job, as she has to balance on top of a stepladder, has to maneuver around the gas lines, and position the insulation just so.

But I have to say – the areas that she’s covered are markedly improved. We still have a few drafty trouble spots, but it’s nothing like the rush of cold air that was here, previously.

Slowly but surely, we’re moving ahead.

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