New Insulation in the Basement

Today, Liz spent a lot of the afternoon working on the house. She talked with Bob at length the day before, and we now have a revised plan on what we need to tackle. The basement and upstairs are now higher up on the list than we previously thought.

One thing Liz worked on was cleaning the wall a bit, down near where the brick met the sand.

She then put in large swaths of insulation, all along the south wall. I have to tell you – this basement is super drafty, and we really needed the insulation!

She also had to cut and tuck in smaller pieces, near the joists.

Large blocks of insulation, all along the wall towards the eastern corner.

An open area, cleanly cut by Liz using the Sawzall (which she had never used prior to today). Not too shabby for her first time!

Basement Demo, Jackhammer Edition
Removing Insulation, Adding Insulation
Working Upstairs, Working Downstairs

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