Everyone… Meet Baby Jonah

This morning, Liz and I met up with Chris and Leslie at Longman & Eagle, in the back at the Off Site Bar (OSB) for their Weekend Donut Shop.

While you can’t get the full menu back here, it’s a hidden little area in back where they have coffee, a few breakfast sandwiches, and some really tasty donuts. We settled in at a large bench, and caught up a bit with one another’s lives: holiday vacation, working on our (respective) new houses, and especially the last three weeks (when Baby Jonah arrived).

Chris and Leslie are having a lot of work done on their house, with an eye on moving in March. It’s very interesting comparing notes with them, as we’re essentially going through a lot of the same things but in different locations.

Despite the music and loud conversation, Jonah was perfectly happy to sleep all through breakfast, and seemed to still be asleep when we we all walked to our cars.

Lovely to see Chris and Leslie again, and to have gotten the chance to officially meet Jonah. Fun to also meet up again at L&E, although this time around… there wasn’t a blizzard (though today did mark one of our first snows of the winter).

It was nice to revisit the Logan Square neighborhood, albeit briefly. And doubly nice to catch up with the family Stiles. I was going to say “both of them,” but I guess I need to get used to saying “all three of them.”

Chris and Leslie: Totally Married

Visiting the Doughnut Vault, Downtown Chicago

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