Waking Up to the Sound of Running Water

This morning, around 4:45 AM, I woke up to the sound of water running. Which was weird, because we didn’t leave anything running when we went to sleep. As I started to wake up, it struck me that the sound was not just of water running, but of significant water running.

Our bed, as some of you might know, is currently on the first floor – we’ve turned our living room into our bedroom. And our dining room is currently our makeshift kitchen, with the sink having been relocated while we work on the kitchen proper.

I threw on some shoes, ran over to the sink, and started hearing splashes as I entered the dining room. Not good.

I got to the sink and turned a knob: nothing. On still hearing the sound of water trickling, I looked underneath and saw that water was pouring out of one of the hoses we had connected to the basement spigots.

Despite having a hose clamp in place, the hose had somehow slipped off. In my grogginess, I tried to turn the hot water valve… but quickly realized that the real cutoff point was down in the basement.

Imagine that hose at the bottom gushing out hot water, and that’s pretty much what I saw this morning.

On arriving downstairs, there was a small waterfall of water. The following photos were taken after the water was shut off, but you can still see some dripping happening.

Luckily for us, we have a large open area in our basement. There were some things that got wet, but nothing destroyed.

During this crisis, Quincy was pretty relaxed. But Phineas was frozen stiff, and sitting on the very top level of the bunny cottage. Despite how hectic things were, this was a really funny thing for me and Liz to see.

Liz went back to bed, though she had a tough time because once Phineas came back down… he kept stomping on the ground for a solid half hour.

I was up during this time, but I ended up having to go upstairs to my office to do a Skype interview with Jochen Dreier. The interview was for a German radio show called breitband on Deutschlandradio Kultur (German Public Radio), and part of the piece focused on my Underviewed project.

So despite being up super early, I was already going to be up super early anyhow. I just got up a little earlier (and a little more frightened) than I had anticipated. Even though the morning started out a little rough, I had a great time chatting with Jochen about YouTube, videos, and the joy of found objects.

I love that, even though we were in different countries in very different parts of the world, we could talk to one another via the Internet, about the Internet. The segment airs in Germany on Saturday, and I’m looking forward to it! I doubt I’ll understand much, but I think my voice might be used (with German voiceover, of course).

I wonder if all the other Felix Jungs in Germany will hear it.

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  1. Dude, I get freaked out every time I hear water running and it turns out to be a bathroom drip or running toilet. I would be in full on Phineas Meltdown Mode if I saw that going on under my sink.

    Melissa Reply

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