Cold Nights, Colder Days

Today was super cold at the house. Usually, we kind of make do with the chilliness, but the temperatures in Chicago have been super low of late.

By the time we got ready for bed, things were super cold on the first floor. A lot of it has to do with the basement being super drafty. Despite our recent insulation, there’s just a lot of coldness coming in from various spots.

With our bed on the first floor in the living room, we noticed that room in particular is colder than the others. It juts out a bit from the rest of the house, and is actually a bit more exposed to the elements on multiple sides. We countered this last night with not one but two down comforters, which helped (eventually).

Wind chills reached -25F below today. It’s cold outside. And inside too.

New Insulation in the Basement

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