A Bird’s Eye View of Chicago in Winter

Using a DJI Phantom 2 drone and GoPro camera, Colin Hinkle shot a beautiful video of Chicago in winter. A lot of this looks like it came from that really cold spell last week, when everything and everyone was feeling the sub-zero weather.

It’s interesting to see spots I recognize from a different point of view (the slow shot over Adler is really one of my favorites, with the vent coming out of the top). It’s amazing to me the kind of footage/views that one can get nowadays with drones, that seemed to previously be only available to people with helicopters.

I also noticed a few spots along Lake Shore Drive – places I’d been to with Liz, when we were either riding Divvy bikes home or going to check out the big waves along Lake Michigan.

[via Chicago Tribune]

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  1. Maybe we need one of these after all…. :)

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