Reorganization and Final Kitchen Fixes

Today, Liz and I mostly worked on reorganization. While she was continuing to add insulation to the kitchen walls, I worked on getting the guest room a little more organized.

Our plan is to move a lot of the unnecessary items from the basement up to the guest room, so that we can have enough room to power wash. So a lot of my day was spent moving boxes from room to room, and trying to free up as much space in the guest room as possible.

In the basement, I found some old compost called “Moo-Nure,” which has an excellent tagline. I was reminded of an idea I had with Ben, Justin, and Chris ages ago for an iPhone app called “LogIt” (which was basically a poop tracker). My tagline idea was: “The #1 #2 app,” which I think is still quite catchy.

Which makes me wonder now, if someone has already built that app. Perhaps I should do a Google search for “poop tracker.”

Or… yeah. Maybe not.

Liz, working on adding and stapling more insulation to the kitchen.

Seeing wall to ceiling insulation on the South wall was really something to behold. I have to admit – I got a little teary-eyed, seeing so much up. Perhaps, when the true winter kicks in again, this room will fare a bit better against the chill.

Bob put in the final piece that was missing in the kitchen floor. I’m still finding myself stepping cautiously around, since we’ve been used to hopping over open the exposed floor. But slowly, I’m getting used to just walking in the room (and not looking down, to position my step).

A view of the last demo task left in the kitchen: plaster along the back of the fireplace/chimney. Unlike the regular plaster, you can’t just go straight at it with a hammer (due to the brick on the other side). So Liz tackled this with a chisel and a large demo hammer, chipping away at it slowly bit by bit.


Finishing the Kitchen Floor

Putting Down the Kitchen Floor
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