Christina Perri: A Thousand Years

Last week, Liz was watching the final movie in the Twilight Series. We were eating dinner, and I just sat down to keep watching the movie.

I ended up falling asleep, and woke to the end credits playing… and the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri playing, over and over.

Somehow, this tune got stucked in my head. Like… lodged there. And the next night, I found myself playing the song on YouTube just to hear it again. And then I kept hitting replay. And replay.

And then I created an infinite loop of the song, so I wouldn’t have to keep stopping and hitting replay.

Eventually, I realized that this had turned into one of those songs that I would just repeat endlessly, and found myself coding to it. It’s not really something I would normally latch onto, but it turned into a pattern – and became a soundtrack I’d work to, for several nights thereafter.

I mostly stopped listening to this song a few days ago, but just earlier tonight… I heard it in the grocery store, of all places. It seems that even if I want to get away from this song, it somehow finds me.

I tend to post up songs here that I loop. And despite the somewhat shameful, pop-iness of this song… I guess this one counts. It’s become such an obsessive thing, it felt worth mentioning (and recording) here.

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