Spotted this on my way to work. Not the greatest of photos, but relates a bit to the Twitter bot I’ve been working on. Kind of funny that I spotted this out of the blue.

I’ve been dabbling around more with this Twitter bot, and actually got it to successfully post a status (text) and media (image) to a Twitter account. Pretty exciting stuff, actually! And amazingly straightforward, given both the tutorial I’m using and the availability of Node Modules.

The process to retrieve and sort tweets using Node is vastly simpler than my prior approach, doing all the heavy lifting on the client side. Everything else seems to be easier too, including user authentication.

I’ve been meaning to go back and rewrite my Augur iPhone app, and definitely thinking I’ll be incorporating Node to handle user auth and data searching/sorting.

Messing around with a Twitter bot is fun, but ultimately not all that productive. But I’m learning and getting exposure to another way (a more importantly, a better way) of doing things – and that right there is genuinely exciting.

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