Underviewed Mentioned on German Public Radio

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Jochen Dreier about my Underviewed project. We chatted for a bit over email, and I learned he was interested in doing an interview about the website.

The interview was for a radio show called Breitband on Deutschlandradio Kultur (German Public Radio). Chatting over email was easy enough, but the tricky part (given our disparate time zones) was setting up the actual interview.

Luckily enough, we have the Internet and Skype. I’d done interviews before using Skype, but I was the person asking the questions. This time around, being the person answering the questions… well, that was a first.

The radio segment is available online, if you’re curious to hear it. You can catch a bit of my voice, but they have someone else doing a voice-over, translating my answers into German.

Honestly, I figured my bit would be a small part of the overall segment. But from the sounds of things, I got much more airtime than I imagined.

It’s always nice to get some kind of feedback from projects that I do, whether through emails, or site traffic, or other people sharing the links. It’s incredibly flattering to have had enough interest to warrant an actual interview, especially from somewhere so far away.

I love the fact that technology enabled all of this. Two guys, using the Internet to talk about a website, populated by content from people all over the globe. Small world.

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  1. I loved listening to this just to hear who they choose for your voice-over. :D

    Liz Reply

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