Photos of the Chicago Blizzard, Hyde Park, 2015

This morning, Liz was going to join Meg and Michelle for a purse-making class that ultimate got canceled due to the weather. Despite the cancellation though, I still decided to head out to run a few errands in the morning (getting some groceries, coffee, and breakfast).

This set of photos was taken circa 8:00 AM, right before I started to shovel the driveway and sidewalk.

A decent amount of snow was already on the car.

Looking North up Blackstone.

Looking South, with a bit of cleared sidewalk.

It ended up taking me an hour to clear the walkway outside our place (along with clearing some of the area for the neighbors).

This is circa 10AM, by the time I got back from my errands. There was already a decent amount of snow built up everywhere.

Our grill is somewhere, underneath all that.

The backyard, once a jungle wilderness and now an arctic hellscape.

A lot of snow everywhere, and our wheelbarrow slowly disappearing into the white.

Taken circa 6PM. I’m not sure exactly how much we’re slated to get (10-15 inches I heard), but there’s an awful lot out there now.

I’ve shoveled outside twice (once before I left, once after I got home), but that was hours and hours ago. I’m a little scared to see what things look like out there, as I’m sure all my work has since disappeared.

Already, I’ve heard that a few schools/universities are closed tomorrow. But I’m thinking I’ll be making the trek in.

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