Chicago Blizzard Aftermath, Hyde Park, 2015

Despite schools and such closing down today, I had to go in to work. So one of the first tasks of the day was to shovel myself a path out to the street. Not sure if you can tell, but the front steps literally looked like a giant slide made of snow.

We had a decent amount of snow up around the front door. The crazy thing is that this is a fairly enclosed porch, so most of what’s up here drifted in.

A view down to the sidewalk. You can’t tell, but I shoveled twice yesterday morning. And there’s scant trace of that work, save for a few small piles of snow that I created. I could barely discern where the sidewalk was.

Here’s a view of our front yard that I took last night, before bed.

Here’s the same front yard, earlier this morning. As you can see, the winds really kicked things around.

A view of the driveway. Well, you’ll just have to trust me that there’s a driveway underneath all that. And there’s a car somewhere in there, too.

Snow along the handrail.

I am really fortunate that I didn’t have to drive anywhere today. Thankfully, I just walked to the Metra stop, which is quite close to our place. If I had to dig this guy out though… yeesh.

Although, I do have this to look forward to, when I get home. If I don’t clear it all off, I risk entombing the car in a 5 inch ball of ice.

The small pathway out. I actually almost fell this morning, as I thought I was standing on the ground… but turns out, I was only on the last step. There was snow everywhere and I could hardly tell where things were at.

All told, I heard we got something like 19 inches over the course of this weekend. And even with that total, we were 2 inches shy of the snow we got in 2011.

The main roads seemed ok, and everything was fine with Metra. But the side roads were pretty awful, at least when I left the house this AM. I got about a half block before I encountered someone with their car stuck in the middle of the road. Helped them roll out, but it took me, the driver, and another stranger pushing to dislodge the car.

And this wasn’t even in a parking spot or anything. Middle of the street.

Ah, winter. Ah, Chicago.

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  1. I only got about a half block away before I encountered someone in their car, stuck. I ended up calling over a guy standing on a corner nearby, and we all three freed the car.

    On my way home from work, I ended up helping a guy stuck at Blackstone and 53rd. By the time I walked down to 54th and Blackstone, I ran into the same dude in the same car, but pointed the opposite direction – stuck.

    The two of us couldn’t budge it, so I ended up walking over to a different stuck car near by, helped them out… and then cajoled the helper there to help with twice-stuck guy.

    All told, I ended up helping free three cars at 54th/Blackstone (four if you count that same car twice). There was a small traffic jam there, with cars four deep waiting for us to clear all the stuck cars in the intersection. It was total craziness.

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