The Slow Melt

Spotted this on the way out the door, on our way to work on Friday. The snow that had built up over the past few days is starting to give way to warmer temperatures.

This bit of snow along our handrail has been leaning over more the past day or two. Each time I walk by, I’m careful not to disturb it – I genuinely want to see how far it will bend, before it totally crumbles under its own arc/weight.

As a kid, I think I would have poked at it and marveled at the collapse. As an adult, I’m content to just marvel at its continued existence.

We’ve gotten a few more inches since the first big snowfall, but now it seems that the temperatures are finally starting to push up a bit above freezing.

I always love to see huge snowfalls, but dealing with them after a few days becomes a total pain. I think we’ll see a huge reduction in actual snow this weekend, but perhaps not quite enough to get everything off of the ground. Wonder if we’ll get hit with another big snowfall before Spring.

Chicago Blizzard Aftermath, Hyde Park, 2015
Photos of the Chicago Blizzard, Hyde Park, 2015

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