First Floor Bathroom, Demo Continues

Saturday had us spending time in the first floor bathroom again, getting more of the plaster down from the ceiling and starting to pull the lathe off the walls.

There is (sadly, unsurprisingly) a lot of soot, in spots. And since the process happens mostly within a contained area, it’s a bit like taking a shower in the stuff.

Demo is one thing I feel most comfortable doing, as I’ve gotten the most practice with it. But given the tight quarters, I’ve been moving a lot slower – taking my time to throw things into a nearby trashcan instead of just dumping everything on the ground. Fitting a ladder and a trashcan and a person into a small, half bathroom involved a lot of moving around and squeezing by things.

Demo is still in progress, but the plaster’s all down and there’s only about 1/3 of the lathe left to remove. By the time I thought to snap some photos, it was already too dark (and none of them came out that great). This photo I took of our new demo hammer (a gift from Bob) turned out pretty good though.

First Floor Bathroom, Demo Begins

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  1. Soot? Why is there soot in your wall?

    Alex G. Reply

    • There were four fireplaces in the house, and I think that’s what was originally used to heat the whole place. The first floor bathroom is adjacent to the dining room (and close to the fireplace there).

      The walls weren’t too bad – some old insulation perhaps, but not a lot of soot. I noticed it when taking out the ceiling.

      avoision Reply

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