A Small Leaf in a Blanket of Snow

We’ve been staying out in Frankfort during this cold spell, and we got a good amount of snow yesterday, and over the evening. I woke to find our car mostly covered in a perfect blanket of snow… save one small, brown leaf that had made its way onto the hood of the car.

Seeing this gave me pause. He was such a tiny guy, and I’m not even sure where he might have come from. Everywhere else I looked was awash with white, save this small leaf, this small traveler that appeared to be resting – on his way to another destination.

Though he’s too small, I imagined him clinging to the tip of a tree branch – having made it through the worst of our winter, only to finally succumb today, after having persevered through this year’s blizzard.

I was both delighted and sad to see this, and a little sad I had to sweep him away as I cleared off the car. You had a good run, little guy. You made it longer than most.

Chicago Blizzard Aftermath, Hyde Park, 2015
Fall Leaves
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