Does That… Smell Like Smoke to You?

Around 4PM, my coworker Casey was messaging our team asking if anyone else smelled smoke. A few people walked by her desk, and everyone all came to the same conclusion: definitely smoke.

Someone then walked out to the window, and said they saw something coming from the street, near State and Madison. We’re 13 floors up, so whatever it was… it was fairly big.

I was leaving work a bit early today, but turns out it was a freaking car fire. Totally random, and not something I expect to see in downtown Chicago.

Although… I guess we have had our share of bus fires lately.

By the time I walked by, the street was closed, the ground was wet, and the fire trucks were all packing up. If you want to see what it looked like prior to this, check out ABC News.

This is Not a Real Emergency: Chicago Fire Film Set, Logan Square Blue Line Stop
Fire Alarm and Building Evacuation, State and Jackson
DePaul Fire Escape, State and Jackson
Fire Eaters, Logan Square

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