Float Documentary Announces Update, Video Vignettes

Float is a (in-progress) documentary about the competitive world of indoor flying. Specifically: flying incredibly lightweight airplanes powered only by rubber bands.

Watching footage of these planes in flight, it looks like everything is in slow motion. Amazingly, these lightweight planes can stay aloft for 30 minutes or more – all off the power of just on rubber band.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the documentary trailer:

I first heard about the documentary a long time ago, back in 2011. When I heard the filmmakers were running a Kickstarter project, I happily jumped on board.

About a year after the Kickstarter projet was successfully funded, I ended up seeing one of my rewards (a tube containing a kit for a plane of my own). The documentary, however, was still nowhere to be seen.

Despite considerable radio silence on the Kickstarter project page, I haven’t really been that upset. Like most backers, I’m just exited (still excited, after all this time) to see the final product.

It’s coming on three years since the Kickstarter project completed, and like most backers – I think I expected our funds would help bring about the documentary. And our contributions did do that. But not quite as quickly as we’d have hoped.

Recently, one of the filmmakers (Ben Saks) posted an update to Kickstarter. It detailed a lot of what the team has been up to these past few years, and also recounted Saks’ love of Indoor flying.

It was a longer, more personal update – and really highlighted for me how much this documentary was about his love of the event, and the people involved. The filming has taken them literally all over the world, and the story seems to have grown.

While the team is going over the massive amounts of footage they’ve accrued, they’re slowly releasing video vignettes – some of which may make it into the final film, some of which may not.

Here’s a very short segment, titled “Tokyo: Vignette #1” –

As frustrating as it’s been, waiting for the final product… I’m still incredibly excited to see this doc arrive. And I think it’s going to be fantastic when it does. Looking forward to it.

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