The Four Horsemen: Scott Galloway on Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google (Winners and Losers)

Scott Galloway presents a compelling and fast-paced presentation on Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. He looks at the four most dominant companies in digital, and then determined (based on a lot of data points) who will increase in value and influence.

Even if you’re not super into social media or tech, I think this is a fascinating and eye-opening talk. The sheer size and scope of these companies is really impressive, especially when viewed in the light of Galloway’s comparisons.

As an example, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google have a combined market cap of $1,306,180,000,000 (that would be 1 Trillion, in case you get lost counting the zeroes). Which is a number greater than the GDP of South Korea.

It’s a 15-minute video, but really well worth your time (and it goes by much faster than you think). I’m not sure which part of this talk Galloway will ultimately get right or wrong, but it’s really fascinating to listen to.

[via @smashingmag]

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