Quiplash: A Fun Group Party Game from Jackbox Games

I found out via Facebook about a hilarious and fun looking new game called Quiplash. A game by Jackbox Games (the folks who created “You Don’t Know Jack”), it allows up to eight participants to log in with their mobile devices and play simultaneously.

But here I am describing the thing, when I could just be showing you video of how it will work. Note that the video is narrated by Evan Jacover, who I kind of Internet-know. The only time we’ve met in person was back in 2012 – when he was chasing me down a dark street, waving a puppet in the air. Promptly before I slipped and decorated the concrete with my face.

Although, that was a long time ago. He’s much less terrifying in this overview video, announcing the project on Kickstarter (no scary puppet nearby):

It looks great! And from a few questions I asked, it seems like they’ll be working on a Mac version. Maybe. Stay tuned.

Despite no official Mac version yet, and us not really having a place to host any kind of party… I’m still excited to back this project. It looks hilarious, and maybe I can convince Chris or Ben to host a get-together at their houses.

The group voting aspect reminds me a lot of when we used to play Ballsdurdash (a game where we made up fake definitions, using the Slang Dictionary as our reference). The rules were a little tricky to convey, and a lot of the process was manual. With the ubiquity of mobile nowadays, moving this type of game over to phones/tablets makes total sense.

The project launched only a few days ago, and already they’re at near the $15,000 mark. The game looks awesome, the promo is very silly, and they even address “Slapface” on the Kickstarter page. These guys really know their funny.

I suspect they’ll have some stretch goals soon, given how popular this project is (and will become). If you want to get a copy of the game when it’s released, go back the project now!

Also – Baron Von Killchildren is my new favorite fake name. Seeing that in the promo cracks me up every time.

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