Last Tree Standing

Lately at work, I’ve taken on a new role and am sometimes shuttling between our two offices (we have two locations, on either side of State Street). Along Madison, I noticed last week that there were suddenly fewer trees along the sidewalks. As in – a lot fewer trees.

On closer inspection, I realized that all but one tree had been neatly cut down. I’m not sure why this was done, or why just this one tree remained. But once I saw it, it kind of jumped out.

A closeup of one of the tree’s felled siblings.

Seeing these tree stumps made me realize how much I must have taken these trees for granted. And only in their absence did I think “Hey, having trees lining this sidewalk would be really quite nice.”

The question remains though: why just the one survivor? I’m curious if it was some kind of preventative thing regarding the Emerald Ash Borer. But if the other trees were a risk, wouldn’t the remaining one be as well?

Regardless, I’m glad at least one guy made it through. Hopefully, in time, there will be others joining him again in the future.

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