Sweater Photos in Evanston

On Sunday, Liz and I met up with Meg, Michelle, and Mike up in Evanston. We gathered at Garden Park, by a site that Liz had driven by in the past… and always wanted to stop at.

As an aside: I hate that we now have small little signs regarding firearms everywhere. I’m sure it’s some kind of legal thing, to have this posted in some public way – but it just feels like it mars everything. Here’s a church. Oh and by the way, no guns.

Going the opposite direction, I love this sign. Mostly because to me, it reads like a promise. I want to come back here and camp out, fully expecting I will eventually see a cat on a leash.

Liz, posing by the fence and boulders.

L to R it’s Liz, Michelle, and Meg. It was pretty cold that morning, and everyone was trying to get their photos done as quickly as possible.

It may be hard to tell here, but all three sweaters are based off the same pattern. But each person did their own take on the pattern, naturally. After this, we all shivered and went to Blind Faith Cafe for a really delicious late breakfast. Lots of coffee and warmth. And talk of Paris.

Knitted Sweaters Photo Shoot at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, with Liz, Megan, and Michelle
Taking Pictures at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

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