Easter in Frankfort

On arriving in Frankfort on Easter Sunday, we found (to Liz’s great delight) that there was an egg hunt set up for us, in the backyard. In fact, the area spanned all three sides of the house (minus the front yard).

Not sure if you can see all the rules, but there’s one rule that disallows Liz to follow me around and watch what I’m doing. Last time around, Liz was overly concerned with what I was doing… and that prevented her from finding too many eggs on her own.

Sadly… this year, I lost. There were a total of 32 hidden eggs (22 colored, 10 golden). At the final tally, Liz got 8 golden, 10 color and I got 2 golden, 12 color. I also found a small, circular Christmas ornament, but no one else seemed to think that counted for much besides me.

Liz, bringing home the bacon. From… outside.

Ham + bacon + sausage.

At the table, we had all sorts of great food lined up. We brought along some pastries, and also made sure to bring along some bao from yesterday’s excursion to Chinatown.

Here’s a full view of the table. So much great stuff!

A basket of golden eggs.

Later on in the afternoon, I spotted a rabbit in the yard. Looking, no doubt, for golden eggs.

Easter in Frankfort, 2008
Egg-Cellent, 2007

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