Command Line Power User: Video Tutorials

Command Line Power User
is a video series, aimed at web developers wanting to learn more about the command line. Created by Wes Bos, I think it’s a very comfortable and easy introduction to the command line – the pacing and topics covered never make you feel like you’re pausing every 5 seconds, running off to Google a new term or concept.

While I most definitely have so much more to learn about life on the command line, I will say that a lot of the earlier videos were topics I was already familiar with. I had already been using iTerm 2 and had made the jump over to zsh.

I will say though – I wish I had this video series before I made my jump to zsh. I ended up cobbling together several different online blog posts, and slowly mucked around until I got things working. I think following Bos’ steps would have made things a lot easier for me.

Even though I did know a lot of the content from the earlier videos, I did pick up several new tips along the way. So I think they’re all worth watching and checking out.

The videos are on YouTube, but you get access to them by submitting your email address. I think it’s all very benign, and don’t begrudge giving up my email in exchange for this content. For those looking to dig a little deeper on the command line (and especially if you want to gussy up the look of things), check these videos out.

Oh My Word, Oh My Zsh

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