Paris in 3 Minutes: Hyperlapse Video

Created by MAxime Gaudet, this is an experimental hyperlapse video filmed at numerous locations across Paris.

It is very immersive, and at times the video seemingly pulls you into a building only to them propel you away. Many parts are quite frenetic and fast-paced, which is actually the exact opposite of how I view Paris.

My limited travels abroad have always made me feel that my default speed as an American is much too fast. And that I really need to just relax a lot more, stop checking my emails, and drink another glass of wine.

In watching this a few times, I’m enjoying the slow transition from dawn to dusk as the movie progresses. It is a little overwhelming to see so much so quickly, but I’m findinf myself looking for certain scenes or spots I might revisit – places to look up and investigate, as possible destinations.

Paris in 3 minutes. But Paris for real in about 5 months.

[via BoingBoing]
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