Demo Saturday: Clearing the Walls in the Master Bedroom

On Saturday, Liz and I decided to tackle some more demo that needed to be done. Since we first moved in, we haven’t done too much in terms of work on the second floor. Most of our efforts have been on the basement or the first floor.

But we figured out that we could tackle some of the remaining walls in the master bedroom (currently Liz’s temporary sewing room.

First thing: move all the stuff we don’t want to get dusty/dirty over into my temporary office.

Then, roll up the carpet and cover up the table.

Liz starts to work on her section of the wall. We had some notes we made, a long while ago, when Bob was advising us on what to tear up and what to avoid.

Pecking away at the wall.

Liz had taken to using the wall like a giant notepad. Lots of notes scattered throughout the room.

Liz, clearing away more of the wall.

Some old wallpaper we discovered, on removing parts of the window.

Oh, and that would be a hole to the outside. No wonder it gets cold in the house.

More of the NE wall open and exposed.

North wall, mostly cleared.

When we encountered some lathe that was a little tricky to remove, we instantly went for the sawzall. Interesting to see how comfortable we are becoming with this tool, versus how timid we were when we first got it.

Moving all the plaster debris out to the front porch. Not terrible, but I’d forgotten how much of a pain it was to haul all this stuff down the stairs. Nice to see the porch filled with bags again.

A view of the North wall, cleared of everything.

Hard to see this, but the NE wall is also cleared. In addition to removing everything, we were able to remove all the nails, used the shop vac to clean things up, and got the floor as clean as we could. Which sets things up nicely for when we work on this room next (putting in insulation).

We had a long day today, working from 10AM until 4PM. We took one or two breaks, but beyond sitting on the porch for a bit… it was pretty nonstop. Long but productive day.

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  1. Two days later and I’m still tired from the demo… But glad it’s done and my sewing room is back in working order. :D

    Liz Reply

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