Cleaning the Serger

Although there was a lot of cleaning up when we did our demo in this room, apparently there was a little more cleanup left. Here, Liz has opened up her serger to give it a much-needed cleaning.

I had no idea all this stuff got collected inside.

It’s hard to believe that this machine is five years old. I think it’s safe to say it’s definitely been put to work.

When I asked about compressed air, Liz let me know that cleaning this machine is different than clearing dust away from computer parts. Since it’s a mechanical device, all the small bits of fabric could potentially build up and get stuck somewhere deeper inside. So compressed air isn’t always a great solution.

All of that stuff is small bits of fabric, from different projects. To clarify, this is not the first time Liz has cleaned this machine. It’s still impressive to see, though. That’s a lot of sewing…

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  1. Woah! Has it really been 5 years since I got this?! Crazy… had no idea I’ve been even sewing for that long.

    What would we do without your blog?! heh

    Liz Reply

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