New Temporary Kitchen Sink

Our kitchen sink has had a pretty bad leak for a while now. We’ve mitigated things with some pans underneath the sink, but we finally decided to try to crack open the faucet and see about replacing the washers.

Which we tried to do. But were unsuccessful. After a somewhat unfruitful attempt, Liz and I decided it would be easier to replace the faucet entirely.

For those that may not remember, we don’t currently have a kitchen. It’s one of the rooms in the house that we’ve worked on the most, and so we currently have a makeshift kitchen in our dining room.

The sink, as it stands now, was moved to the dining room where it is currently fed via two garden hoses, coming up from the basement through the fireplace.

It’s not a permanent solution, but it does the job well enough.

Here’s a new faucet we picked up at Lowe’s, the day prior. No frills, and just one line for hot water, one line for cold. Pretty straightforward.

Here’s our current setup. We tried getting the hot/cold water knobs off, to see if we could identify the source of the leaks… but ultimately just decided to replace this whole thing outright.

Mostly disconnected.

At the end of the day, I was surprised at how straight-forward things were down here. The hoses I disconnected were not too complicated, and I got things dismantled with relative ease.

And here’s the new faucet, all ready to go!

I had a few trips up/down the stairs, to the basement. On my first attempt, I hadn’t connected things tight enough on the cold water side… so we had some leaking. But after another attempt, everything seemed to be tight and dry.

I cleaned things up under the sink, and left a paper towel down there to check for leaks. Sure enough, even after a long afternoon of use… no more water collecting underneath the sink!

Moving the Kitchen Sink into the Dining Room

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