Geometry Wars

A few weeks ago, I happened to see that Geometry Wars became available on Steam for Mac, and I was giddy… giddy like a kid in some kind of a store.

I actually had no idea that the original Geometry Wars was originally a mini-game that existed inside another video game.

More than that, I also didn’t realize that GridWars game that I found and loved in 2006 was actually a clone of Geometry Wars.

I got hooked on GridWars like people got hooked on Tetris. And I still seem to remember some kind of race I had with Chris, as to who could hit 9 or 10 million first. I remember screenshots being sent around, but I’m pretty sure I got there first. Though I’m guessing he is pretty sure he got there first.

The newer Geometry Wars game has a lot of the same enemies (though they are different from what I remember). Rather than a single level with ever-increasing difficulty… there’s more options now. There are a lot of different objects (spheres, squares, cylinders) that definitely add an extra level to things.

The levels are more challenging, but it’s nice that there is a static level that can let you zone out and just play until you hit that zen-like state. As an old fan of Robotron: 2084… you can see how I would get drawn to something like this. It definitely has an arcade feel to it (though I’m thankful not to be plugging in an endless stream of quarters).

Grid Wars 2
Relaxing with Old Games

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