By Any Other Name

“Phil” is a common variation on my name. Though we still puzzles me is that “Felix” is clearly a two-syllable name, and “Phil” is just very much shorter.

Hard to know if this variation is closer to my actual name or not. Despite the squiggles at the beginning and end, I think this was written out in one motion – so they heard my name as “Flexis.” Which technically has all the proper letters of my name, just slightly out of order. And with an extra “S” thrown in for free.

The really funny thing about these coffees is that normally, I don’t even order custom drinks any more at Starbucks. I usually just get regular coffee, especially now that I’m counting calories.

These drinks are for Liz, who likes Soy lattes. But since I’m the one who usually goes out for the coffee runs, I’m the one placing the orders and giving my name.

Worth noting: these were purchased at two different Starbucks locations, on two different days, near our house.

Also worth noting: I’ve been more conscious lately about how I pronounce my name, so I’m taking great pains to enunciate and to say it clearly. I feel like I’m trying to give folks a fighting chance here, to make things fair.

I think these variations are just hilarious. I’ve gotten a good number of versions to date, and decided I’m going to build out a photo gallery once I get a few more examples. For now, linking them all together with a custom tag will suffice. I’ll definitely be posting up new ones as I get them.

Your friend,
– Flexis

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