The Worms Crawl In, the Worms Crawl Out

After dinner with Liz’s folks on Sunday evening, we walked home in the rain to discover the yard was awash again with earthworms. See those long lines in the soil? Earthworms, every one of ’em.

We knew from prior rains that there were a lot of earthworms in the soil near the street. But seeing the yard like this was really incredible, as they were just all over the place.

The photos don’t really do it justice, as it was pretty dark and I just had my phone flash. Still, you can kind of make out just how many there are. No wonder our flowers are doing well.

I am utterly fascinated by all of this. As is Liz, though she remains fascinated for about 45 seconds, and then has to walk away because it starts to gross her out. Working in the yard and encountering these guys on a one-on-one basis is fine, but seeing so many at once is a little much for her.

Not great, but a closeup of the previous image. I wonder if all the soil in our neighborhood is this good, or if ours just got this way due to the yard being largely unattended for many years.

Or maybe, we didn’t get all the pieces of grandma from last time.

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