Saturday Cleaning Day, Part 2

Saturday was another big cleaning day for us. Originally, the plan was to tackle the whole first floor last weekend, but we ended up only getting though the kitchen. Today: the remainder of the first floor. Mostly.

We got our bedroom area cleaned up, along with the entryway and main room. Still not sure what to call this guy. Foyer?

There was a lot less to actually clean, compared to the kitchen (where we cleared shelves, and re-washed a ton of dishes). So that helped a bit. There was stil a decent amount to do though, and we did end up spending most of the day getting through these two rooms.

I was on mop duty, while Liz was vacuuming and cleaning sevearl of the carpet tiles we had strewn about the place. I think she got the tougher job, between the two of us.

At the end of the day, we had a clean first floor. With the doors closed off to the basement and our real kitchen, this now allowed us to let the rabbits roam a little further than they had in the past.

Funny thing: despite Quincy being older and more infirm (he’s technically blind now, and has arthritis)… Quincy is still more adventurous and willing to explore, versus Phineas. At the old apartment, Phineas was pretty bold – but here, he’s more wary of the wooden floors.

We set up some more carpet mats, extending into the kitchen. Looking out at them in the evening, it seems like they’re enjoying our newly cleaned house, too.

All Day Cleaning Extravaganza
Quincy and Phineas, Free to Roam

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