Quincy Gets Super Sleepy, Fights the Nap, and Eventually Flops Over

Rabbits sleep in a variety of positions. Normally, they’re somewhat upright – bellies flat on the ground, situated a bit like the Sphinx. On rare occasions, they’ll be sitting upright (butts flat on the ground), and start to nod off.

Much like I did in Geometry class in high school, bunnies also do the chicken-neck thing. Their heads will start drooping lower and lower… and with a start, they sometimes catch themselves, and wake up briefly. And then the process begins again: head drooping down, lower and lower…

After this happens a few times, rabbits will do a kind of “flop” where they fall over onto their sides. It’s a little terrifying the first time you see this, because it looks as though the rabbit has died. But in reality what’s happened is that they’ve just succumbed to their nap in the most dramatic way possible.

It’s a really rare thing for us to see, and whenever Liz and I happened to catch it – it’s a source of quiet, contained excitement. We end up hitting one another and covering our mouths, so as not to wake the sleeping bunny.

It’s ridiculously cute to see, though. And on Saturday – I had the good fortune of catching Quincy getting drowsy… and captured the above video.

You’ll have to excuse the vertical video, as I don’t tend to record in this manner (I was broadcasting the moment on Periscope).

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Lazy Saturday Bunny Rabbit Afternoon Nap Time
Wherein I am Photographed, Unawares

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  1. I should add – buns generally flop themselves over when they feel very relaxed & safe. Phineas does it often.

    But this is only the second time ever I’ve seen Quincy “fall” over due to the fact that he’s sleepy. Cutest thing ever!

    Liz Reply

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