Hyde Park Garden Fair Preview, 2015

On the way home today, Liz and I walked through the Hyde Park Shopping Center, and spotted all the plants that had been set up for tomorrow’s Hyde Park Garden Fair.

The event kicks off tomorrow morning at 9AM, but it looks like people have been setting up all day here. Though there was a security guard walking around, there were several gawkers like us who strolled around looking to see what was available.

A color-coded system, indicating price.

Not just plants, but trees and shrubs.

Lots of beautiful rows, laid out on the ground.


More rows of flowers.

Name your price!

This area in the shopping center is a great spot, complete with a little fountain and really beautiful trees/flowers (that are here, even when there’s not a plant sale). It’s a great public space, which only gets nicer as the weather outside warms.

Hyde Park Garden Fair, 2014
Julie Beeson’s Annual Plant Sale – Frankfort, IL

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