At Woodlawn Tap on the Weekend

Today, Liz spent the day with Julie working at an event to sell a lot of her plants. Around 4PM, they all came back to the house with some additional plants for our yard.

While the two of them were planting things on the front yard, Bob and I decided to head over to Woodlawn Tap. The plan was always for us to go over there for some drinks and bar food… but Bob and I decided we’d get an early start.

A lot of the tables were taken up (blame it on a nice Saturday evening), so Bob and I grabbed some stools at the bar. It’s always neat coming here with Bob, as this was a bar he frequented many years ago, when he was working on the South Side.

Bob pointed out many of the union stickers adorning the cash register opposite us. I’m fairly certain this register isn’t even used anymore, but it was a nice reminder of the bar’s clientele.

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