Stumbling Upon Utopia

I was walking to get some lunch, and randomly spotted this note taped to the side of a Blue Line entrance. I walked by it at first, but the word “utopia” caught my eye and I circled back.

My suspicious nature immediately made me think this was part of some marketing campaign. Anytime someone is hustling a hashtag, that’s my basic assumption. But despite those feelings, the sense that someone shared a message about utopia by taping a piece of paper up… it caught my eye. I think I looked the look of the message, rather than the message itself.

I was reminded of how I stumbled across a You Are Beautiful sticker back in 2002, and how lovely a discovery that was.

I promptly forgot about this photo until much later in the evening. When I tried to look things up, I couldn’t track down the instagram account. But the Tumblr account is there, though there are only but a few posts. And the hashtag seems pretty nonexistent on Twitter.

On doing a quick search, it seemed like this message was a promotion for some TV show called “Utopia.” But then I saw that the show was canceled only a few months after it aired (back in 2014).

So this seems to be something else. Marketing campaign? Art project? Hard to tell, given the limited responses online. Curious if anyone else has heard of this phrase or know what this is all about, because I’m at a loss. Chalk me up as one of the many who went looking in search of it, but ultimately never found it.

An Old Mystery Re-emerges
Found Note: Blue Line, Clark and Lake
Found Message, State and Jackson

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